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The first photo in each series was taken using our normal shooting methods.
The subsequent photos were taken with more expensive equipment and required more time.

Finding the 'Right' Angles & Lighting

We spend more time finding the right angles, correcting for impurities, and adding touches that make your home more desirable in photos. The whole process requires expensive equipment to carryout and is much more time consuming than a normal shoot, both when shooting and during the editing process.

We spend time getting to know your home during one of our premium shoots. Where the first photo above shows the majority of the room, the second was carefully cropped to only show the important details and minimize the empty spaces. Creating spaces in this manner can give the viewer a more experiential tour of your home.

Detail Shots

Detail shots are important in showing some of the architectural features of your home. Whether you are trying to convey a view, a fireplace, or an accent wall, detail shots zoom in on certain features of the home to portray a special attribute.

You put a lot of time and care into your house. It's important to highlight those features.

Using flash photography, you can balance the interior lights with that of the exterior. Instead of windows being "blown out" (overexposed), you can see through to the exterior just as you would with the naked eye. In more extreme cases, we can use photoshop to combine three exposures to "pull" the exterior view using layer masking.

In each of the series below and above, the first photo represents only one photo shot a low shutter speed whereas the second shows a combination of three images.

Window Pulling

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